Kalaaleq Love

A musical story about loving and forgiving: those that went ahead, oneself and one’s country, watched over by angels and initiated by a suicide.

This website is a teaser and song preview for a yet unperformed / unproduced story of 105 pages and 23 songs, contact me if You wish to have the book/script (English or Danish) emailed for perusal.

A place on the edge of the world

Sisimiut is a small town in Greenland, where people make their living from fishing and industry. Most of them are practical: with their hands and in their outlook on life. They have to be, with the raging Atlantic ocean on one side, and the mountainous hinterland on the other. They’re ancient, and proud, but still have a feeling of being colonized by the Danish, who are only a small minority in the daily life, but still those with higher education and the jobs that follows. People mingle, intermarry and date, and move to or visit each other’s countries – but it’s no secret that it is two different cultures, two different ways of life.