• otherworldly

    is what the northern lights are. The UFO is for sleeping in.

  • A dog in spring

    on a chain in a land without anything to do

  • Disused

  • 3 o’clock

    the 6 daily hours of sunlight is about to end in spectular fashion.

  • Staring out into silence

    and hearing only your heat beat over the falling snow

  • Dead in Maniitsoq

    the old cemetary

  • Fire and ice

    Dig a hole, place a light, enjoy.

  • Waiting

    for someone to drive

  • Ancient ice

    out of Kangerlussuaq, past musk oxen, airplane wreckages, frozen lakes and desolate, deathly cold landscapes.

  • That’s the sunny side

    at least that’s what it’s called: saqqaq.

  • Snow without ice

    because it’s only primo october.

  • Lego blocks

    on a hilltop. that’s what they’re called. really.

  • Signs

    of winter, of a cold grip on your heart, of a fresh reboot of life.

  • Normal

  • midtown

    they don’t live here anymore, next to the busiest road in town. they live in the old people’s home. the other one.

  • carved by forces

    unimaginable. inhabited by people undeterred.

  • Bridge to a house

    on a hill in a land on the ocean

  • beauty in roughness